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Christine is 17 years old when she decides she has had enough of rural Berkshire and sets off to London to seek her fame and fortune. {My Name's Christine} She gets a job as a waitress in a cafe but is soon spotted by a dancer at Murray's Cabaret club who suggests she should audition for a job there. Arriving at the club in the morning, she meets Mandy Rice Davies who explains what she must do

{Just Dance}.  Pops Murray, the owner, hires her and says he will pay her what was, in 1959, a great deal of money, to be a topless showgirl

{£8 Ten Shillings A Week}. The club is patronised by the famous and influential including, on occasions, John Profumo {Make Love Not War}  but they all have one thing in common - money {We've Never Had it So Good} . She very quickly becomes a popular choice for customers to invite to their table and drink champagne. One of them is Society Osteopath, Dr.Stephen Ward, who is very taken with her and insists on getting her telephone number. He eventually persuades her to go to his weekend cottage in the grounds of Cliveden, the Country Seat of Lord Astor. Christine is astounded by the sumptuous surroundings and asks Stephen how he managed it - he explains {Style}. Stephen procures girls for Billy (Lord Astor) for weekend sex orgies at Cliveden where  the rich and famous, politicians and even  the odd Soviet spy all let themselves go {Hot Tonight}.  Christine and her friend and fellow showgirl, Mandy, take part in these orgies at Stephen's behest {Bedroom Rock}. Christine and Mandy are very close friends and, although Mandy is a year younger than Christine, she is much more streetwise and tries to teach Christine to play it cool with men  {Famous Like Her} .Christine lives on and off with Stephen and one night he takes her down to Notting Hill and tells her to buy some weed. She meets Lucky Gordon {Get Lucky}. This meeting with Lucky is anything but lucky for Christine as it develops into a relationship that is violent and abusive.  However, Christine is still very much involved in the Cliveden "scene" and is persuaded by Stephen to have a one night stand with a Soviet Attache and spy, Eugene Ivanov {Wodka!} . Later the same year, she starts a relationship with John Profumo, Minister for War in the Macmillan government. Meanwhile, the situation with Lucky Gordon has become so difficult that Christine decides to seek protection from one of Lucky's rivals, Johnny Edgecombe. Johnny slashes Lucky across the face and both he and Christine then have to go into hiding. Scared out of her wits. she buys a gun to protect herself against Lucky who is threatening dire revenge. Johnny wants her to leave the country with him but Christine doesn't and she turns to the one person who she thinks can help her - Stephen, but he refuses.{Why Do Men Treat Me Mean } .In desperation, she goes to his mews flat just off Harley Street where she finds Mandy. Shortly afterwards, Johnny turns up and demands to speak to Christine. Mandy tells Johnny Christine is not in the flat at which point he pulls out Christine's gun and starts shooting wildly at the door and windows of the flat. This alerts the police, Johnny Edgecombe is arrested and both Christine and Stephen are interviewed. Despite Christine's pleas, Stephen has had enough of Christine and tells her she is on her own {This Is As Far As It Goes} By this time, the press were sensing a scandal and gradually the stories of orgies at Cliveden and Christine's relationship with a Soviet Spy and the Minister for War begin to filter out. John Profumo addresses the House of Commons and denies any impropriety with Christine but eventually he is forced to admit he lied and resigns,his career in ruins. {What Man?} Stephen Ward is arrested and charged with living off immoral earnings. The star witness is Mandy Rice Davies. The Barrister acting for Lord Astor tells Mandy that Lord Astor denies ever having had sex with her and she retorts "well he would, wouldn't he?" {He Would Say That, Wouldn't He?} The trial lasted several days but none of Stephen's society friends gave evidence in his defence and the night before the verdict was announced, he took an overdose and died 3 days later without regaining consciousness. Christine herself was a high profile witness at the trial and she had sold her story to the newspapers. A film of her life was planned, which required her to do some nude photo modelling which led to the iconic picture of her sitting astride a chair the high back concealing her naked body. She sings a reprise of {My Name's Christine}, proud that in four short but hectic years, she had attained the fame she craved.

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